This glossary contains the descriptions for terms and abbreviations that are used in the documentation.


Synoyms: project resource, test resource.

A resource is data (text, images, audio, and so on) that tests need to access in a way that is independent of the location of the test source code (either it’s a local tests execution from IDE, or via Gradle, or from test artifact in CI/CD).

All resources are located in src/main/resources folder of the test project by default. A resource name is a path relative to this folder, e.g. the resource located at:

└─ src
    └─ main
        └─ resources
            └─ data
                └─ request.json

can be referenced in the tests as /data/request.json.

The name of a resource is independent of the used operating system; in particular, the path separator is always a slash /.