VIVIDUS is a test automation tool that offers already implemented solution for testing of most popular application types.

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A target user of VIVIDUS is a test engineer without programming skills but some technical knowledge to allocate and specify controls and elements of the application to VIVIDUS (or any other application substances as DB/API dataset or UI visual objects). VIVIDUS provides a ready-to-use implemented language to write executable tests, it’s named - Test Actions Language. Test Actions Language is human-readable and written in Gherkin format to ensure the clarity of it to users of any technical level; on the other hand Test Actions Language is not limited to any specific application or domain as it’s commonly done in classical BDD approach.

VIVIDUS is developed for testers to create automated tests for any kind of applications, any kind of tests, any combination of tests but using the single tool and common language.

VIVIDUS philosophy

  • Combination of testing tools stored in one box under the single human-language of writing tests

  • All test types are available in one-box application providing integration points for CI/CD systems

  • User of VIVIDUS is a tester with non-programming profile who has a need to automate testing scenarios and push it to CI/CD

  • Ready to create tests from Day 1:

    • implemented dictionary of Test Actions applicable to any business domain

    • embedded convenient User Documentation and Test Report module

  • Open Sourced under Apache License 2.0

  • Integrated with modern platforms and tools

  • Ready to use at any infrastructure


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