Parquet Plugin

The plugin provides the ability to create Parquet files.


  1. Copy the below line to dependencies section of the project build.gradle file

    Example 1. build.gradle
    implementation(group: 'org.vividus', name: 'vividus-plugin-parquet', version: '0.5.5')
  2. If the project was imported to the IDE before adding new plugin, re-generate the configuration files for the used IDE and then refresh the project in the used IDE.


Property Name Acceptable values Default Description



Specifies the format of a CSV file to create a Parquet file from.


The expression parameters marked with bold are mandatory.


Creates temporary Parquet file, writes CSV data records to the file using Avro schema and returns its path.

#{convertCsvToParquetFile($csv-resource-path, $avro-schema-resource-path)}
  • $csv-resource-path - The path to a resource containing CSV data.

  • $avro-schema-resource-path - The path to a resource containing Avro schema.

Example 2. Initialize a variable with a path to a Parquet file
Given I initialize scenario variable `parquet-path` with value `#{convertCsvToParquetFile(data/pets.csv, data/pets-schema.avsc)}`