Mobitru Plugin

The plugin provides integration with continuous testing cloud Mobitru.


  1. Copy the below line to dependencies section of the project build.gradle file

    Example 1. build.gradle
    implementation(group: 'org.vividus', name: 'vividus-plugin-mobitru', version: '0.5.5')
  2. If the project was imported to the IDE before adding new plugin, re-generate the configuration files for the used IDE and then refresh the project in the used IDE.


The plugin defines profile with a set of the preconfigured properties. In order to simplify work with Mobitru the plugin does following steps:

  1. Waits for the requested device to be available using REST API call and takes it in the usage.

  2. Installs application on the devices using REST API call.

For the device search plugin relies on the capabilities specified in the properties.


Use in conjunction with web application phone profiles.


Use in conjunction with native mobile application profiles.

Example 2. Capabilities to run tests on a specific device
Example 3. Capabilities to run tests on any device with a specific platform version
Example 4. Capabilities to run tests on specific device model
selenium.grid.capabilities.deviceName=iPhone 13


The properties marked with bold are mandatory.
Property Name Acceptable values Default Description


The username.


The name of the user.


The access key.


See guide section about the key.

The name of application e.g. app.apk or app.ipa.


The file name of the application under test uploaded to Mobitru. The application should be uploaded either via UI or REST API.


The valid application package name or bundle id.


Package name for Android or Bundle identifier from for iOS. It is used to activate the application under tests after Appium session start.


The duration in ISO-8601 Durations format.


The timeout to wait while the requested device becomes available for usage. VIVIDUS will perform at most 20 retries during the timeout.