Azure Event Grid Plugin

The plugin provides functionality to interact with Event Grid


Example 1. build.gradle
implementation(group: 'org.vividus', name: 'vividus-plugin-azure-event-grid', version: '0.3.7')


Topics configuration

Topics are configured with a set of properties with the following format:

azure.event-grid.{topic-name}.{property-name}=property value


  1. topic-name - The name of the topic which will be used as a step parameter

  2. property-name - The name of the topic property. One of:

    1. key - The topic access key

    2. event-schema - The kind of schema (GRID, CLOUD or CUSTOM)

    3. endpoint - The topic endpoint


Publish event

Publishes an event to a topic

When I send event to `$topicName` topic with payload:$payload
  • $topicName - The name of the topic, will be used to find required properties values

  • $payload - The JSON payload to send to a topic

Example 2. Send an event
When I send event to `create-user` topic with payload:
  "id": "1807",
  "eventType": "RegisterVehicle",
  "subject": "myapp/vehicles/motorcycles",
  "eventTime": "2017-08-10T21:03:07+00:00",
  "data": {
    "make": "Ducati",
    "model": "Monster"
  "dataVersion": "1.0"