Kafka Plugin

The plugin provides integration with an open-source distributed event streaming platform Apache Kafka.


Example 1. build.gradle
implementation(group: 'org.vividus', name: 'vividus-plugin-kafka', version: '0.2.10')


The properties marked with bold are mandatory.
Property Name Acceptable values Default Description



A comma-separated list of host and port pairs that are the addresses of the Kafka brokers in a "bootstrap" Kafka cluster that a Kafka client connects to initially to bootstrap itself.


Send the data

Sends the data to the provided topic with no key or partition.

When I send data `$data` to Kafka topic `$topic`
  • $data the data to send

  • $topic the topic name

Example 2. Send the data to Kafka topic
When I send data `my-data` to Kafka topic `my-topic`